Meet The Artist

One of my greatest joys is creating unique pieces of art that can be customized and displayed in any home or office in whatever size, dimension, or style you want.  

I LOVE creating bright, original, and fun art that can be showcased as the key element in any room. Bold, airy blues and turquoise accents are my favorites, but I as you’ll see in my shop, I love working with lots of color palettes! 

I pull inspiration for my pieces from music, amazing friends, vibrant and delicious food, and loud colors and shapes. I like structure, but know flow is vital to creating, which is why water-marbling, acrylic abstracts, and alcohol inks are perfect genres for me.  

My hope is to create art that inspires, connects, and helps people manifest their vision for their interior spaces into a reality. My ultimate goal is to give everyone the opportunity to own a unique piece of art at a reasonable price, and with all the control of how they want to print and hang their pieces. 

- Kim

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Kim created a breathtaking custom piece for our office that literally transformed our space. The creativity and thoughtfulness she puts in to her artwork is palpable and we will absolutely work with her again for other spaces.

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